Dr. Mohammad Saeed Hasan

Our Specialist
Dr. Mohammad Saeed Hasan
General dentist
Medical Director,
Al Hudaiba branch

Nationality: Jordanian

Dr. Mohammad Saeed gained his Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) from the University of Mousel in Iraq.

After graduation he worked as a general practitioner in the hospitals of the ministry of health in Jordan in 2002.

In 2006 he started work in his own dental clinic. He moved to Dubai in 2013 and started to work in
Al dehyafa Dental Centre. He is experienced in all general dentistry procedures including restorative dentistry (fillings, root canal treatment and crown and bridge work), minor oral surgery (simple extraction in addition to surgical extraction), periodontal treatment (scaling and polishing plus root surface planning treatment)., prosthodontics (full and partial denture) and dental aesthetics (veneers, lumineers and teeth whitening).

Languages Spoken: Arabic and English.