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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the first thing that
people will notice about you. The teeth will get discolored from eating and
drinking. Tea, coffee, food containing colors and smoking all play part.
Whitening your teeth will boost your smile and raise your confidence. At Al
Dehaya Dental clinic we provide both home whitening and in office teeth

Home whitening involves taking upper and lower impressions to make the whitening trays then the patient will be given the trays with the whitening gel and full instruction on how to whiting the teeth at home. The patient will be reviewed after two weeks to make sure that the desire shade is achieved.

In office whitening provides a much quicker solution to achieve the desired result. After cleaning and polishing the teeth, the whitening gel applied on the teeth and left for several minutes. The desired result is achieved on the day and can be boosted and maintained by continuing with the home whitening at home. Whitening trays with whitening tube and tooth mousse will be given as well.

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